Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Beth!!

Hi! As some of you will discover I am a very, very busy woman. I’m a mother to a wonderful 5 year-old little girl who is about to start her first year in public school (Ahh!);  a wife to a wonderful husband (who is also my second child!) with whom I have been with for 10 years - married for 5; a full-time employee for a newly launched, independent government-contracting corporation; a part-time student who is only three classes away from finally completing her Bachelors; not to mention a daughter, sister, and  niece to a wonderful set of amazing people that I love to call my family! Did I mention I was busy!?


egan History

A little over four years ago, Rory Freeman’s Skinny Bitch book landed into my lap (thanks to my momma) and changed the way I thought about food and my health. After learning that what I had been eating all this time was actually overly processed, man-made crap; and after learning about the shocking, cruel treatment of animals in our factory farms, I immediately went cold turkey and started my journey as a newborn vegan. I began researching, learning and understanding about where my food was coming from and the impact that food had on my health. I soon became health obsessive, lost 30 lbs and became my own version of a Skinny Vegan B*tch. Five years later, I’m still that. But my transition didn’t just transform me; it changed the life of my husband, my daughter and many more around me. The term “vegan” no longer stands as a description of my “diet”; it is a word that describes my life. It is my life. I am vegan and vegan is who I am. Without it, I would not be the person I am today – an outgoing, food obsessed, cook who is a strong advocate for eating organic, local, raw foods that supports and promote the health of our planet and our whole beings.

My "DIET"’s all about health!

As you will come to find my main reason for following an 80/20 raw, vegan diet is health. Animal rights and ethics are very important to me as well, but health is my main focus. I believe that food is the strongest form of medicine when we allow it to be. I believe it can heal the body from the stress and damage caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the processed crap that we have been “trained” to eat. I’m also very supportive of taking GREEN actions that support the health of the environment and our planet including reducing the use of plastics and recycling , just to name a few. I also only use all natural beauty products. What we put ON our body is AS important as what we put INTO our body!  I am the modern, vegan HIPPIE! My part of “the plate” will revolve around these topics…but don’t be fooled, I still enjoy eating out every now and then and enjoying a vegan pizza and brownie! I’m not super strict! I follow what I call the “5 days, 2 days” policy -  5 days strict, 2 days ‘laxed. I do have to live a little and enjoy life. I can’t let Kerry have ALL the fun now can I!? ;)

In addition, I’m not exactly the “ideal” raw, vegan. In other words, I’m not a believer that everyone MUST follow a raw, vegan diet in order for a person to be healthy and in order to fight and push for animal rights, food labeling and other health and food related issues/concerns that I strongly advocate for/against. No, I believe that everyone must find a diet that is right for their body; that supports their body and the way that it functions. I do, however, believe that plant-based foods are the basis of such a diet and that all foods should be sourced locally, when possible, and be organic, sustainable, ethically treated, fair trade (when necessary), and in its purest, whole form..all when possible of course! 

How we met from MY perspective!

Ready for a laugh? So a few months ago the hubster called me at work overly excited that he had met someone, a new co-worker, who was not only into soccer,  but who was also a vegan. Oh, it was a SHE. My initial thought was, yeah, vegan my butt. Does this mean I have to store a hidden camera in his backpack or collar button? Great! In other words, jealousy kicked in. But I went with the flow, said “cool”, told him it was okay to give her my contact info and thought nothing more of it. Then she contacted me via Facebook and we immediately hit it off! We had so much in common! Soon after I was THANKING Tim for introducing us. Now I’m sure he’s slightly regretting it as his babysitting duties have greatly increased as my new friend and I explore the vegan world that is hidden within the DMV and the Nation. We realized our new adventure needed to be documented and so began The Split Plate!

My Favorite Quote.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

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