Friday, September 14, 2012

Where *Vegan* Dreams Come True!

I’m a huge a Disney fan. Actually, I’m in love with Disney. Every time I hear a Disney song or see something Disney related, this overwhelming, euphoric feeling of love and excitement takes over my entire body. My immediate reaction is a smile from ear to ear and a flood of tears that fill my eyes. I can’t help it! My parents raised me in a Disney loving home. To me, it literally is the happiest place on earth and I will never, ever get sick of it. Reading that, it's probably no surprise then that my husband decided to plan a trip too Disney World and Universal Studios for our official honeymoon trip; 9 months from our LAST trip to Disney World in December of 2011. Yeah. We are obsessed! I was thrilled because, one, we were going by ourselves and two, I wanted to take the opportunity to experience as many vegan food options as my tummy could handle. So, to stop before I go into too many details, I'd like to welcome you on my journey to the land where dreams become reality...*Vegan* dreams that is. :)

- Beth 

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