Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 8: Pumpkin Juice and Natty Dreads

Today was the day! We were finally going to visit for the very first time in our lives the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I am a huge fantasy book reader! I love stories that are full of imagination and wonder and anyone can agree that the Harry Potter series provides that and so so so much more! I geeked out like crazy and after riding the Forbidden Journey and Dueling Dragons multiple times, browsing through the wands at Ollivander’s, and after trying to convince my husband to buy me a robe, which miserably failed, it was time to chow at Four Broomsticks. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for the vegan to eat so instead I got a yummy Pumpkin Juice to go along with my raw bar that I had brought along.

The Pumpkin Juice was fantastic! It tasted very similar to pumpkin flavored apple cider; sweet and full of warm, fall spices. It was perfect ice cold; a refreshing treatment to the scorching sun outside. I just love when someone brings an imaginative world into reality and I love it more when they also bring the food into existence! Now if we could just figure out this whole spell thing…

After Four Broomsticks we headed back into the heart of Islands of Adventures and decided to enjoy the rest of the park. Crazy us even decided to walk back to the hotel and get dressed into our bathing suits, come back and ride every single wet ride back to back. We were drenched head to toe!!! It was so fun and convenient to be able to get dressed and come back as opposed to walking around in thick, wet clothes.

A much needed shower later we headed back to City Walk to enjoy an early dinner before our movie, The Avengers, started. Our choice for tonight: Bob Marley’s. During previous research, I noticed they had a decent line of veggie friendly eats so I figured this place would be a safe bet. Plus, Tim adores Bob Marley...

The atmosphere was definitely a bit different. The restaurant was located under an open air cabana with TVs displayed everywhere playing Bob Marley’s peace inspiring music. Our waitress proceeded to take our order and of course, I kindly asked what was considered vegan friendly, defining what a vegan did and did not eat. She looked at me a bit like I was nuts, and told me she did not know and would get the chef. I wasn’t going to complain with that! If anyone knows what’s in what it would be the chef!

Now let’s go back to those lessons learned..yes for a third time in a row. During the planning process for this trip, I had researched Bob Marley’s to try and determine what was vegan and what was not based on other people’s reviews. I had read somewhere that the Natty Dreads veggie patties were vegan, and so were the stuffed peppers and coco bread, so I planned on finding a way to get all three to try!

Well, when chef, Robinson Prime arrived, I explained to him I was vegan, which he responded with a head nod, clearly indicating he knew what I was talking about, and I proceeded to ask him about the options I had previously read were vegan. He corrected me and explained that the only dish that was strictly vegan, besides a salad, was the veggie patties, but only when made fresh (from the freezer). He explained, that all other patties are prewashed with an egg wash before they are baked. I told him I was all for having the Natty Dreads veggie patties which he offered to whip me up some vegan veggies on the side. He also told me he was in the process of creating an all vegan menu which left me excited to come back! I thanked multiple times for coming out and off he went to whip of my meal.

Now it did honestly take a while because my veggie patties were frozen and needed to defrost. In the mean time we eye browsed through all the shirts that were available for sale and lipsynced with the songs that were being played. After a good 30 minutes or so, our meal had arrived. It looked and smelled insanely delicious (I’m a serious Jamaican food fan!) and I thanked Chef Prime multiple times for being so helpful!

I took one bite of my Natty Dread patty, which was piping hot, and fell in love! I adored the crumbly, curried flavored pie crust and the seasoned, and should I mention, spicy, well cooked veggies inside. I also added some Jamaican Hot Sauce that was available in both Scotch Bonnet and Mango flavor which seriously added to the heat! The veggies on the side were also well cooked and well seasoned, adding more yumminess to my already awesome dish. As I devoured my food, Chef Prime actually came out to check and see how everything was, which with a full mouth, I nodded and mmmd in approval, thanking him once more and stating that I would totally be back. 

Tim looked and me and could tell I was enjoying my meal as I finished the very last bite. By that time my nose was running, my lips were burning and my eyes were watering…but I was also smiling. A good meal to end the day with.

Unfortunately, no desserts were available, but that was quite alright. I had Babycakes treats still waiting for me at the hotel to devour :)

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