Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2: Raw Lasagna Stuffed Portabello!

Morning Routine: Lemon water baby!


I’ve come to the conclusion I am not a fan of banana only smoothies unless there is some contrasting flavor besides banana, sugar and greens! None the less I sucked it down. I was quite surprised how the broccoli sprouts actually worked well in this smoothie. You could taste them, but the flavor was very mild. I also LOVED the hint of mint! I think with a few tweaks we may have a raw Shamrock Shake on our hands! 

Sprout and Mint Green Smoothie

  •  1 handful of broccoli or alfalfa sprouts
  • 1 small handful of mint
  • 1 frozen banana
  •  1 handful of kale
  •  1 Tbsp of hemp or chia
  • 1 Tbsp of coconut milk
  • 1 cup of almond milk, coconut milk or water
  • Optional: Aloe vera leaf gel

  1. Blend and go!


I had it in my mind that I was going to make raw lasagna for lunch one of these days…until the inevitable happened…I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed. Go figure! It never fails! I can have every vegetable imaginable and I still would be missing something. So I decided it was time to make my own recipe for the week. I had a Portobello mushroom that needed to be stuffed, ingredients for both the tomatoes sauce and cheese sauce…and then it dawned on me, let’s stuff the Portobello with lasagna! 

The tomato sauce and cheese sauce recipes were adapted from Ronnie and Minh, an awesome couple who work together to teach their audience how to make easy, delicious raw food recipes with tons of added love! I love these vids! 

As for the layers of veggies and herbs, be creative! Add what you love and omit what you don’t. I actually didn’t have any basil so I used mint instead and it worked surprisingly well! Have fun with this recipe. There is no right or wrong!

Raw Lasagna Stuffed Portobello
Created by Beth Mickens with recipes adapted from Ronnie and Minh
Serves 1

  •  2-3 handfuls of mixed greens
  •  1 large Portobello cap, peeled and cleaned of gills
  • Raw Marinara Sauce

o   ¼ cup of cherry tomatoes
o   ½ roma tomato, diced
o   2 Tbsp of chopped sundried tomatoes, previously soaked and drained
o   ¼ tsp of dried Italian herb blend
o   Salt to taste
o   Pepper to taste
o   1-2 tsp of raw honey (optional based on sweetness of cherry tomatoes)

    1. Add all the ingredients into a small blender (I use a Bullet) and blend until well blended, smooth and slightly thick.
    2. Pour the sauce into a small sieve and drain into a bowl while prepping the remaining ingredients. This will remove any excess water and thicken the tomato sauce.   
  •  Raw cashew cheese

o   2 Tbsp of cashews, soaked and drained
o   1 Tbsp of sunflower seeds, soaked and drained
o   2-3 tsp of pine nuts (optional, but a great addition!)
o   ¼ tsp of dried Italian herb blend ( I used more because I love lots of seasoning)
o   Salt to taste
o   ¼ - ½ lemon, juiced
o   2 Tbsp of water

    1. Add all the ingredients into a small blender (I use a Bullet) and blend until well blended, slightly smooth, yet thick. You’re looking for more of a paste than a thin, pourable sauce.
  •  ½ small zucchini, thinly sliced into rounds
  •  2-3 Tbsp of chopped fresh mint leaves ( or basil, parsley, cilantro, whatever your fave herb is!)
  • 2 Tbsp of chopped sundried tomatoes, previously soaked and drained
  •  Handful of alfalfa sprouts, optional

To assemble:

  1. Place a couple of handfuls of greens onto a plate.
  2. On top of the greens, lay the Portobella mushroom cap upside down and begin stuffing!
  3. Add in order: a layer of cheese sauce, a sprinkle of mint, a layer zucchini rounds, a layer of marinara, a sprinkle of mint, a layer of zucchini rounds, a layer of cheese, a sprinkle of mint and a sprinkle of chopped sundried tomatoes. (You can add as many layers as you want. Pile it high!!)
  4. Top with alfalfa sprouts and serve.

Snack: A Gingerberry Kombucha by GT and a banana


I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat for dinner, but after Brad’s posted a pic of This Rawesome Vegan Life’s Apple Sammie, I knew I had to have it! Dinner and dessert were becoming one today!
The picture alone makes me drool. Anyone and everyone knows I am a nut butter addict and I LOVE nut butter and apples! Add a banana, some coconut and a hint of honey and we’re talking the perfect meal!! And that is exactly what this was: the absolute, most delicious, drool worthy perfect meal!

Apple Sammie with almond butter and date caramel
Recipe adapted from This Rawesome Vegan Life

  • 1 apple
  • Raw Almond Butter (See my recipe for raw Almond Butter here. I added a few macadamia nuts to my blend this time around)
  •  Date caramel
o   ¼ cup of dates, chopped
o   ½ Tbsp softened unrefined coconut oil
o   1+ Tbsp of raw coconut milk (or any other raw milk alternative you have on hand)
o   Pinch of salt to taste
    1. Add the dates into the blender and blend until finely chopped (I used my Bullet with an S blade)
    2. Add the coconut oil and process until the coconut oil melts and the dates turn into a thick paste.
    3. Add the milk and a pinch of salt and process until the date paste has softened into a smooth, creamy paste.
  •  Raw shredded coconut
  •  Banana
To Assemble:
  1. Slice the apple from top to bottom. Core the pieces. Begin to layer and assemble. (Can you tell us rawsies love to layer!?
  2. Apple slice, almond butter, apple slice, date paste, apple slice, almond butter, shredded coconut, apple slice, date paste, apple slice, almond butter, banana slices, coconut shreds and apple slice.
It will be lopsided. It may even fall apart. It will be sticky. It will be messy. But best of all, it will be frickin delicious!!!

Evening Routine: Yummy, tangy apple cider vinegar tea with honey

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