Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brad's Raw Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 (Thursday, October 18, 2012)

Wow I am already half way there! This week as flown by super fast! It’s been a breeze so far, but I wonder how things are going to go come the weekend!? We shall see!

Here’s Day 4!

Morning Routine: 

Lot’s of yummy water!


A couple of months ago I came across a recipe for a superfood pudding recipe by Philip McClusky. I love dishes that contain a mixture of textures and this pudding bowl had it all! Plus the picture reminded me of a favorite Filipino dessert called halo halo that unfortunately, I cannot enjoy in its fullness anymore. I thought, could I have possible, maybe have found a raw version of my favorite food!? Possibly! Fingers crossed!

Well, I made it this morning and while it tasty super yummy, the texture was off. I had ended up using the coconut meat from a mature coconut, which is tougher than the meat from a young coconut. Silly me! It wasn’t a complete fail, but I definitely plan on making it again…this time with a young coconut!

Lunch...the rest of the day:

I ended up skipping my workout because my legs literally hurt so much I can’t sit. I figured I’d go home and do 250 crunches and sit ups instead…and I did ;)

I did oddly get hungry around 1:30pm, so I grabbed a raw Gopal’s Power Wrap in Italian flavor. These little chewy sticks are full of texture and flavor. They are simply made with seeds and spices and the BBQ one reminds me of vegan jerky. Yumm! They are also super filling for only being 80 calories per pack. These have become one of my favorite raw savory snacks!

Afterwards I ran to the global market to grab a young coconut among other things. Of course, I walked out with a pile of fresh new fruits. Rambutan (my fave!), mango, fresh dates, and mamey to name a few. When I got home I ended up tasting a few which filled me up even more.

I also got busy in the kitchen making raw coconut milk which I turned into chocolate coconut milk to pass on to Ms. Kerry and some raw zucchini hummus. It was another busy yet productive day. 

Of course, I ended my day with yet another GT Kombucha; this time in Gingerade flavor! Yumm yumm!

Looking forward to tomorrow! I’m in the mood for raw tacos!

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