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Vegan Cut's Snack Box: A vegan foodie's dream delivery.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that most vegans are foodies. I know we here at The Split Plate are. We love cooking, finding veg-friendly restaurants and we’re obsessed with grocery shopping. We’ll drive several miles for a vegan event, vegan restaurant or even for a new grocery store! Yes, we vegan foodies are crazy, but it’s made life way more fun! 

One of my biggest foodie obsessions is finding and trying new vegan food products. A trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joes is always an adventure and I always tend to walk out of the store with at least one brand new product, which tends to always be a snack, that I haven’t tried. But what if I said you could get vegan snacks, some, if not most, you may not have tried yet, sent straight to your door, once a month, all wrapped up nicely into a small box for a small monthly fee? Yep, it exists. It’s called a Vegan Cut’s Snack Box and IT IS AWESOME!

Now you may be thinking, these monthly food box subscriptions exist everywhere. What makes Vegan Cut's Snack Box better? Well, for starters, Vegan Cuts is well known, online, vegan marketplace with a great selection of vegan products, and they’re always adding new products which means you are less than likely to receive the same product every month. Second, it’s vegan focused which means you will get nothing but awesome, vegan snacks. Third, for only $19.95 a month (that INCLUDES shipping) you get quite a good amount of high-quality, certified vegan products; 7-10 to be exact. What’s NOT to love? It’s a great box for anyone from the seasoned foodie to the vegcurious. 

Last month I was given the wonderful opportunity to try one of Vegan Cut’s Snack Boxes, the October Halloween edition to boot! It was very hard to wait til I got home to open it but when I did I was thrilled to find a package of wonderful goodies perfect for the Halloween holiday. Sweet treats, candies, and a few savory treats for balance. ;) There were also a few money saving coupons in there as well! The snacks were yummy, there wasn’t one I didn’t enjoy, okay maybe one (nothing to cry over), but my family loved them just as much. See below for a breakdown of what I received and my thoughts. 

Overall, Vegan Cut’s Snack Box has been one of my favorite subscription boxes that I have tried so far. Vegan focused, a great variety, mostly delicious, reasonably priced, and you can cancel anytime. I highly suggest Vegan Cut’s Snack Box for any and all foodies, vegan or not, who love snacking and trying new things.

So wanna see what I got in my October Box!?

  • Crunchmaster’s Multi-Grain Crackers: I’ve always wanted to try these and I’m so happy I finally got the opportunity too! With my daughter still in the beginning stages of her GF diet, finding dry snacks to bring to school has been quite tough. Anything I make is either not dry enough, made with nuts, or too small for her to enjoy while doing her school work. On the other hand, almost everything on the market is made with nothing but starches that are void of nutritional value. Thankfully Crunchmaster adds some of the value back by using brown rice flour, along with quinoa, millet, flax and sesame seeds in their crackers. Only real ingredients. Concerned about the corn? Me too. Crunchmaster is working on getting their products certified GMO and thankfully this particular product is on the list of already certified products. Wohoo! I found the cracker’s to be very satisfying and my daughter loved them as well.
  • Mediterranean Snack’s Baked Lentil Chips, Cracker Pepper: These were also pretty good. I loved the salt and pepper flavor that gave the crackers this nice peppery, spicy kick.Only thing I didn't care too much for was the maltodextrin found in the seasoning. I'm a bit of an OCD health freak so if that stuff doesn't bother you, than rock on! It's all about balance right? :) GF and certified GMO as well.

  • Raw Snack’s Cranberry Cashew Bar: We all know this rawsie was excited to see a raw snack in my box. I took this for a mid-day snack and work and it was perfect. Filling, sweet, salty, crunchy and a great energy booster to boot. Perfect. Organic and GF.
  • Stash Tea's Spiced Dragon Red Chai Tea: Mmm do I LOVE tea! My daughter and I both actually. We adored the flavor of this tea with the aromatic, warming spices. We added a splash of almond milk and sugar for a mid-day treat.
  • YumEarth Organic’s Sour Jelly Beans: Seeing as this WAS the Halloween edition, candy was to be expected. These jelly beans hit the spot with their authentic texture and flavor. You would have never known these were vegan when it comes to the texture. As for the flavor, these babies were bursting with natural, tangy fruitiness. WAY better than a regular bean. These are good for a rare treat such as a one time for Easter. The ingredients aren't the best, but then again, we are talking candy here. :) GF, dye-free.
  • YumEarth Organic’s Fruit Snacks: These too were bursting with fruit flavor. They reminded me very much of Runts except these candies were chewy. My daughter and I both devoured both bags! The ingredient list on these yummy candies are a bit better. All organic ingredients including fruit juice to flavor. Good for an occasional lunch treat. GF, organic.
  • Surf Sweet’s Peach Rings: I’ve always been a Surf Sweet’s fan. You can actually read my review post here. They’re Peach Rings are always fun to have around. GF, organic, certified GMO.

  • Rescue Chocolate’s Peanut Butter Pit Bull Bar: OMG! The Nut Butter Addict in me did a little skip, hop and a jump when she saw this mini-bar of chocolate covered peanut buttery goodness. My husband threatened many times to eat it as I was attempting to save it for last. It made it’s way to my belly shortly after. Sweet, salty, crunchy, peanut buttery and chocolaty. Seriously, what is there NOT to love!? Fair Trade, purchase helps save rescue dogs (extra perk :))
  • Smooz's Coconut Pineapple Frozen Ice Pop: When I first got the box I had thrown this treat into the freezer to freeze. It was a week or so after I had cleared the last goodie in my box did I notice it in the freezer hidden away in my ice cream maker. I pulled it out for my daughter and I both to try and at first bite our eyes lit up at the deliciousness of this treat! It was sweet, creamy and oh my  the combination of coconut and pineapple is my favorite! It’s also my daughter’s favorite too. I tried to sneak in more bites but unfortunately she stole it from me and finished it quickly before I got a chance to have more. Now we’ve been searching for them in stores and can’t find them anywhere. HELP! Kosher.
  • Runa Tea’s Original Zero Calorie Clean Energy Drink: This was unfortunately my least favorite snack in the box. Now, let me say I’m actually a huge Runa fan. I buy and drink their warm teas regularly and I will randomly buy one of their flavored bottle teas to enjoy as well. Unfortunately, the energy in the can didn’t do it for me. It was a bit too sweet for my liking (which I found odd considering it's 0 calories yet contains sugar??) and it tasted off as if it had stevia in it; a flavor I do not like nor can stand. I'm not a huge drink in the bottle person anyways minus my local kombucha, so this isn't a shock to me. Just a personal preference. HOWEVER, what I will say is that Runa's Guayusa is a great alternative to coffee for that natural caffeine boost and I will use it as an energy source when needed. I just prefer the tea bags. :) Mostly organic.
* I sadly didn't capture every single snack individually in photo, but the links will direct you to the products*

As I stated before, Vegan Cut’s Snack Box is a winner. If you’re like me and enjoy trying new things as well as snacking your heart out, or if you're just vegcurious, then this box is perfect for you. 

For more information about Vegan Cut’s Snack Box as well as their vegan Beauty Box, then visit their site here, at

Disclaimer: While I did receive this box for free in return for a review, that in no way changed or persuaded my opinion about this product or the product’s in the snack box.

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