Sunday, March 2, 2014

B7DRC February 2014 - Day 7: Congrats!!

Welcome to the last day of Brad's 7 Day Raw Challenge. As I mentioned in the beginning of this challenge, today I had planned to break the challenge to celebrate my dad's birthday at one of his favorite restaurants. While my meal was predominantly raw (a salad loaded with veggies, fruit and nuts) my dressing and delicious cocktail was not. Neither was dessert. I would have loved to finish this month's challenge, but sometimes there's a need to put others before yourself, especially when celebrating. In my opinion, today was worth it.

I don't have any recipes to share. It was a busy day so I grabbed a raw, Eco Hemp bar for breakfast then headed out for a day of grocery shopping and celebrating. However, our challenger's have plenty of recipes to share! Enjoy and See ya next month!


(Coming Soon)

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