Monday, September 8, 2014

Weeks 20 and 21: Celebrating the Half Way Mark!

I’m so excited that I finally made it to the half way mark!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this moment and it has finally arrived. I can now “relax” considering things are going well. The baby is doing well and so am I. We’ve made it this far and that deserves a celebration!

For most women, celebrating the half way mark means pedicures, massages or new wardrobes but for me, well, I did something a bit out of the ordinary. Okay, it was WAY out of the ordinary. Momma adopted herself a new puppy!

Yes, we added a new member to the family. Our Rex boy is a beautiful blend of purebred Golden Retriever and Black Lab Mix. He’s spunky and energetic with tons of love to give. We love him to death,.but boy has he been giving us some serious training! Right now, at only 7 weeks old, he needs to be taken out every two hours at night. Yes, my husband and I get up every two hours. He needs to be fed, pooped picked up, bathed, etc. Sound familiar!? Yes, Rex is our little baby. He’s a handful but hey, we figured, might as well get some training in before our baby girl comes right!?

What have you done or purchased to celebrate your half way mark!?

My Pregnancy: Weeks 20 and 21

My Diet

Breakfast – I’m still chowing down on chia/yogurt/fruit parfaits. An occasional apple and nut butter or smoothie or even a grapefruit gets thrown in from time to time but yogurt is hitting the spot right now. Creamy, sweet goodness. Mmmm!
Lunch – I’m still eating salads every day although I’m starting to get a bit sick of them. I haven’t been very creative with them, but even so, salads are becoming….eh. Time to start finding something new to enjoy! Any ideas?
Dinner – Dinner is still usually something cooked. I’m in love with winter squash or sweet potatoes right now slathered in vegan butter and sprinkled with salt. Some green onions is a fun addition every now and then.
Snacks  - Still drinking kombucha for a morning boost. I’m also craving and enjoying organic vegetable juice. There’s something about cold tomato juice that just hits the spot for me. Yumm! So does chocolate :P Oh and roasted seeds, especially pumpkin seeds, are another addiction of mine right now. Love crackin’ and chewin’ on them!
My diet right now is a bit bland and boring. I’ve been so busy taking care of the new pup and creating lunches for my daughter that my food has sort of been pushed to the back burner. No worries though. My focus is healthy foods…whether or not they hit the spot.


Sooooo I was doing great with my daily prenatal yoga until the pup came. However, the exercise didn’t end there. No, actually I’m more active (and more exhausted!) than before! I’m constantly up and down two flights of stairs since the pup sleeps downstairs in the basement, and I’m always running around the house and outside keeping the pup active.  It’s an exhausting task but at least my heart stays pumping. I’m hoping to get back into prenatal yoga this week. Wish me luck!

My Pregnancy

The last two weeks have been pretty smooth sailing. The baby has been moving around A LOT and I feel every flutter, kick and punch. She’s an active one and I am quite okay with that. I love it actually!
On the unfortunate side, my clothes are beginning to get a bit snug or straight up not fitting at all. I’m down to one pair of capri style yoga pants and white capris for the summer. Some of my dresses are still working for me, but that won’t last long. Fall is definitely coming as the mornings have been getting quite chilly. Thank goodness for the long sleeve maternity shirts I found at all of these consignment shops I have been going to these past couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to attending a few more within the next few months. Whatever I can do to find cheap maternity clothes, I will do. Why spend hundreds on clothes I’ll only be wearing for a couple of months?

21 weeks with one of my consignment shop Ts. Sorry for the mess!
As for the baby, this past Friday, my husband and I attended my 20 week scan. This was my hubby’s first time going to an appointment and it was long, yet fun to watch. They viewed everything, from the uterine arteries to the baby’s bottom. We had to confirm just one more time that it was a girl. Hehe! As I mentioned, she was a serious mover. She moved around a lot during the appointment and made it a bit difficult to get every shot that the docs needed. We did happily get some good photos this go around which totally made my day. She’s grown so much!

The results of the test, so far, have been positive minus a few minor concerns. First, the baby was measuring 4 days behind schedule. Seeing as this was the first time they measured her via head circumference as opposed to crown-to-rump, it’s no surprise that her age is a bit off. However, because she’s measuring over 3 days behind, the doctors want to continue measuring her every 2 weeks to make sure she’s growing normally and to make sure that the bicornuate uterus isn’t hindering her growth. The other concern they have is with my heartbeat.
When measuring the pulses of the uterine arteries, the doctors discovered that my heartbeat is irregular. I recalled having this same issue when I was in the hospital getting ready to deliver my first daughter. While being poked, prodded and what not the doctors learned my heartbeat was irregular and ordered an EKG. From what I remember, it was nothing to be concerned about. A heart murmur or palpitation I think. I’m assuming the case is the same this go around as well. I never had any heart issues before being pregnant so I’m guessing this is just another pregnancy symptom. I mean my body is working overtime to pump blood. However, the doc recommends an EKG. Whether or not I will get one is another story.

Other than that, everything is going well with the baby and well, that’s all I really want!!

Have you or someone you know dealt with similar pregnancy complications, major or minor? If so, how did you or she deal with it? It can be quite stressful at times!


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