Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year = New Challenges!!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! With a New Year always comes tons of new health challenges and I love a good challenge or three :).

This week I will be starting two new challenges and, later on in the month, a third one!! I will be blogging about my progress which I hope you find helpful . Nothing is more motivating to start the new year off right than with a good challenge to kick start your health! Soooo wanna know what I'm getting myself into??

The WORKOUT Challenge

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The Tone It Up chicks just started a new V-day workout challenge!! Every day/week they provide workouts, motivational journaling tasks, and so so so much more!! Prizes are being offered to those who log in everyday and update their progress. It's a huge and very supportive community and the challenges are cutely named and fun to do. Apart from doing the tasks and everyday challenges, the Tone It Up chicks also added an additional challenge: Complete 100 miles before Valentine's Day. That means complete 2.2 miles a day of running, walking, jogging, whatever you want. I cannot WAIT to get started this week and look fabtabulous by (or well, a bit after, since I'm a bit behind starting) Valentine's Day. <3 You can check out the challenge and the posts that have been made so far here, but I will also be posting everything on our Facebook page as well the day before so you know what's ahead.

The 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

Image from Young and Raw
The owners behind Young and Raw, a wonderful online raw food community has just started a 30 day green smoothie challenge. They are providing shopping lists and a daily green smoothie recipe to add to your daily diet. The smoothies are delicious and filled with green goodness. January's challenge group can be located here but I will also be posting the recipes on our Facebook page as well. 

Brad's Raw Food Challenge

Image from Brad'
If you have been following us for a while, you know I am addicted to Brad's Raw Foods; a company that not only makes the best raw kale chips on the planet but also has one of the most supportive raw food community! Every month they hold a one week raw food challenge that challenges participants to eat 100% raw for 7 days straight. There are a few rules that you can check out here. If you pass, you get two products for free!! Isn't that awesome!! The next challenge starts on January 14th and I will be blogging about all my wonderful eats!

So are you ready to jump start this new year with a new you both on the inside AND out!?


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