Monday, January 7, 2013

Jalapeno Poppers

Yes that is a picture that includes meat and dairy on our vegan blog!  This jalapeno popper recipe originally was not intended to be vegan at all but when I was home in Florida for Christmas my brother decided that he wanted to make me jalapeno poppers for Christmas.  My brother and his wife hosted Christmas dinner at their house and planned to make jalapeno poppers as an appetizer with jalapenos, cheese, and turkey bacon .  Knowing that I love spicy foods my brother asked if I had vegan bacon and cheese as he would make a vegan friendly version for me as well.

On Christmas Eve I realized that I had forgotten to buy vegan bacon but I did have vegan bologna and Daiya Cheese.  My brother said it would work and he created 3 vegan jalapeno poppers for myself with the rest for all of the omnivores in the family.  I may be the only vegan in the family but I am very grateful that I have a supportive family!

The picture that I took above was actually taken a few days after Christmas.  I made the jalapeno poppers this time myself but at my parent's house.  I made a few with pork bacon and cheese for my brother and my dad and then a few vegan poppers for myself.  Once again I did not have the vegan bacon as I wanted to finish the bologna before I ended my trip.  The bologna worked well but I used vegan bacon tonight when I made the poppers.  The bacon definitely worked best but bologna made for a good substitute!

For dinner tonight my boyfriend made vegan tacos while I made the poppers.  I wanted to try to make the poppers one more time but with bacon.  These are very easy and the main reason that I wanted to blog about these is that they are great for parties.  Almost everyone has at least a vegetarian friend or family member.  Who says that they can't enjoy the same appetizers as their meat eating counterparts?  This may not be a typical recipe that I would make on a weekly basis but it is great for a meal or party that would include vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike.

the first step is to wash the jalapenos then cut off the stem at the top.  Carve out the seeds using a potato peeler or a slicing knife.  load the poppers with cheese, wrap with bacon a strip of bacon, then stick a toothpick all the way through.  The toothpick will hold the bacon wrapped around the jalapeno.

Bake the poppers for about 20 minutes on 350 and then you're done!  As I mentioned this recipe works for both meat and dairy as well as vegan and vegetarian versions. Below is a picture of the poppers and the lovely taco that my non vegan boyfriend made for me.

 These jalapeno poppers are easy and fun to make, and can be served side by side with the non vegan versions.  In my 10 years as a vegan most recipes that myself or my family have made for me while I was visiting on vacation have been vegan versions of recipes that include meat and dairy.  Whether my family makes spaghetti, tacos, or stuffed peppers they have easily prepared me a delicious vegan dinner to coincide with what they were making.  As I mentioned I am very grateful for my supportive family!

The next time you are throwing a party and you have vegetarians or vegans invited this would be a great option to serve as an appetizer.  There is always more than just the hummus dip!

- Kerry

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