Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Live to 100 - Cooking Channel

Did you have the chance to watch the premier of  "How to Live to 100" about 2 weeks ago (re-aired last weekend)?  The Cooking Channel aired this show three times over the last week and if you missed it there is another airing tomorrow, Saturday 1/19 at 12pm EST.  You should check it out but if you happen to completely miss the show here is a quick re-cap . 

Celebrity vegan and raw chef Jason Wrobel hosted this premier about plant based eating and longevity.  Jason is a renown vegan health entertainer, and welfare advocate who has released a DVD called "Simple Vegan Classics," focusing on the preparation of raw foods.  He also hosts a popular YouTube channel and debuted a recipe book in 2012.  Now, breaking into mainstream television with a plant based cooking show he has proven a track record of success with "How to Live to 100" ranking as the highest rated show on premier day! 

Jason featured multiple recipes during the show which you can actually find on the Cooking Channel's website here: 

Cooking Channel - How to Live to 100

These plant based recipes were split up under 3 categories of health:  Immune system, Love Life, and Slim Waist.  Yes, recipes were featured on the show that included plant based foods to eat in order to have a better love life!  Jason's advice was to not only eat coconuts, cacoa, and avocado for a better sex life, but the act of having sex at least three times per week has the ability increase life expectancy by up to 8 years! 

In my opinion the show was a success as Jason was entertaining and very enthusiastic during the entire episode.  Moreover the snacks that he created on the show looked amazing and I cannot wait to try out a few of the recipes posted on the Cooking Channel website.  These recipes include Zucchini pumpkin seed fritters, Cilantro Pine Nut Pesto Pasta, Cacao - Avocado Pudding, Coconut yogurt, cayenne popcorn, and even more! 

Who else watched this show or plans on watching the re-run tomorrow?  What does everyone else think about the show?  I would espeically like to hear from anyone who has personally tried his recipes! 

- Kerry

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